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Tooth Whitening &

Composite Bonding

Professional take home tooth whitening and composite resin bonding to rejuvenate tetracycline stained teeth.

Braces & Bonded Porcelain Bridges

Replacement of congenitally missing lower incisors after orthodontic treatment.

Porcelian Veneers

Professional take home tooth whitening with Emax veneers to close a midline space and restore the worn incisal edges.


Invisalign treatment to correct rotated and poorly aligned teeth. Treatment completed in 18 months.

Full Porcelain Crowns for Heavily Broken Down Teeth

Full E-max bonded crowns

Early Underbite Correction with Removable Plate 

Anterior underbite/crossbite and functional shift correction using a removable expander and a reverse pull facemask at night in a


Implant and Crown to replace Missing Molar

Orthodontic uprighting of posterior molar tooth and Osstem Implant crown for replacement of lower first molar.

Full Porcelain Crown for Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Emax crown for cracked tooth which was causing pain on biting.


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